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I’ve been finding that after about an hour of motorway riding I start losing feeling in my right hand. With the amount of miles I’m covering at the moment it’s surely not doing my long term health any good so I started to look for a solution.

Now if I had the budget to do so I could probably source a cruise control system but if I could afford that then I might as well have bought a motorcycle which already had such a device fitted in the first place!

So instead I set myself a £20 budget and went in search of a cheaper alternative way to sooth motorway fatigue. Amazon seemed to come up trumps with this.

It’s not a cruise control system but in my eyes something even more practical, a simple piece of shaped plastic that attaches to your throttle and means you can control it with the palm of your hand.

When I first put it on I was a little concerned how it would perform around town but it took hardly any time at all to get used to it. Pleasantly surprised with urban riding I took it on the motorway for a 2 hour ride and it began to make even more sense.

For less than £8 my numb finger problem has been sorted but the problem with this is it has highlighted another problem with the ER6 – the seat.

After an hour I find myself shuffling about trying to get some feeling back in my arse so that will be the next issue that needs sorting.

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