My experience of module 1

Published: 08 November 2012

On Tuesday 6 November I passed my module 1 test with no minors.

Before I sat the test I decided it would be sensible to research to prepare myself. Yet what I found was chaotic to say the least.

Firstly I was on internet forums, and found people complaining about how the test is carried out, that they dropped the bike etc.

When it first started there were stories of broken wrists. The myth behind the test is a major factor to learners who have just entered the bike world, and who are nervous on the bike.

Now after I have done it, I find the scare mongering, myths and some experiences are a load of bird plop.

It comes down to three things;

1) Your ever developing skills.
2) Condidence - which is key on a motorbike.
3) Your bike school. If you're not learning properly from them, then why continue to pay for it?

Whilst module 1 would be better on the road, I and many others have gained from this test, not just in skill but confidence. It does make you a better rider and helps preperation for module 2.

To all who are waiting to do it; Deep breath, relax and ask the examiner to repeat everything he says.

I did and wouldn't move until I was mentally prepared.