EXCLUSIVE Crutchlow Sidi race boots for only £299.95

Published: 01 November 2012

MCNshop.com is proud to announce a very special limited run of Sidi Votrice Cal Crutchlow replica boots for just one month for only £299.95

The boots will be custom made and hand finished by the same team who prepare Cal's MotoGP race boots, and are available to MCNshop.com customers only.
The boots feature perforated Lorica construction with an air Teflon mesh for maximum comfort and heat dissipation, and have numerous safety features including calf, shin and ankle tensioners, braced ankle support and a shock absorbing heel cup.

MCN’s expert reviewer says: “The fastening system is uncomplicated and gives a really secure fit. They don’t take long to bed in, either. The toesliders are perfectly placed, and easily changeable. Lots of racers praise these boots, they feel secure, and I’ve got confidence in them if I should end up throwing myself down the track.”

These hand finished boots are going to be made to order for us, so please note that there will be a three month lead time on the orders (from order closing on 1st December). Finished boots will be dispatched when completed by Sidi.

Every pair will come with a signed poster of Cal and everyone who buys a pair before November 14th will be entered into a free draw – the winner of which will be able to meet Cal at the NEC show on Saturday November 24 and get presented with a an extra pair of signed boots (size 42). Click here for terms and conditions.

Make your way to the MCNshop.com and order your boots now!