New Drift HD camera to film your ride

The new Drift HD Ghost camera is now available in the UK, and is designed to let you capture every moment of your ride – whether that’s freestyle motocross, a track day or Alpine tour – in glorious high definition.

Features of the new camera include a two-inch LCD screen, claimed three-hour battery life, the ability to take photos while recording, plus built-in Wi-Fi allowing playback through Apple and Android devices.

It’s also said to be waterproof to three metres (out of its case) and features a handy two-way remote, which instantly lets you know if the camera is recording, by way of LEDs on a wrist strap.

The Drift HD Ghost costs £299.99

More info, and to buy:
Here’s a video to give you an idea of the picture quality, and the camera’s many applications…

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott