Big bikes escape EU anti-tampering measures

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Motorcycles producing over 47bhp have escaped EU plans to make bikes impossible for owners to modify. 

European Parliament has voted in favour of limiting so-called anti-tampering measures to smaller machines. 

All new bikes over 125cc will get ABS under the regulation approved by MEPs. Smaller machines can have combined brakes instead. 

The anti-tampering measures aim to prevent modifications of bikes which fall under the 47bhp limit for new ‘A2’ licence holders from next year.

Bikes will get so-called on-board diagnostic systems capable of registering modifications as faults to be rectified by a mechanic.

Motorcycles will also be brought into line with car emission standards under the rules, to be introduced gradually from 2016.

Last year, MCN readers staged a protest ride to Brussels over the anti-tampering proposals, which at that stage had the potential to include all bikes.

The BMF’s Government Relations Executive, Chris Hodder said: “After several years of hard work, we believe this is the best deal that was available and we've worked solidly to get it.

"This legislation may have some things we don't like in it, but it will have some long term benefits for motorcyclists, especially in terms of cleaner bikes that are cheaper to run.”

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell