Manx Motorcycle Club announces Past Winners Parade

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The Manx Motorcycle Club will hold a past winners parade as part of the celebration's for the Manx Grand Prix 90th anniversary.

The parade will take place over the mountain course on August 28 during the new Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling, which runs August 17 - September 1. The new event incorporates the Manx Grand Prix, the Classic TT, the Classic and Two Day Trials and the Vintage Motor Cycle Club's Festival of Jurby and parade laps.

Former winners who are being offered the chance to take part in the parade will include Carl Fogarty, Charlie Williams, Richard 'Milky' Quayle and Phillip McCallen, while modern TT stars Michael Dunlop, Ryan Farquhar, Dan Kneen, Olie Linsdell and Ian Hutchinson have all stood on the top step at the Manx before competing in the TT and will also be eligible to participate in this historic parade.

The Manx Motor Cycle Club estimates that there are around 216 former winners still alive since the first race in 1923 and all are eligible to take part including Kelly Swanston, the 1935 Senior Manx Grand Prix winner, who is now 104 years old.

Club Chairman, Harvey Garton, said: “We wish to celebrate the success of the Manx Grand Prix and recognise the achievement of the riders who have contested this iconic event.

"A warm welcome will be afforded to all past winners who will be invited to take part in a Parade Lap over the TT Course. In addition to the parade, various social events will be arranged and it is hoped as many former competitors as possible will be able to attend”.

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