DAS at Circuit Based Training Ltd

Published: 17 October 2012

Mallory Park Circuit Based Training has to be the place to go in the UK if you have never ridden a motorcycle before or want to take a Direct Access course. Many courses are available. I have seen people pass in only 3, 4 and 5 days without a problem.

What if you are unsure of your own ability to follow an intensive course? Well if like me you're unsure and have some issues, a personal structured training package can be set up and easily followed to success in a relatively short time frame.

Yes the 5 day course is available but if you opt like me to have the unlimited training and 3 attempts at the test as well (guaranteed pass and insurance), then you will take the time frame pressure off yourself allowing you to concentrate on learning the craft of riding properly.

I split my five day course up into four visits of a couple of days at a time including the three month unlimited training. Due to my spinal disability this worked brilliantly - allowing me to digest what I had learnt and calmly carry on.

Sean Hayes who owns Circuit Based Training is also joint author of 'Pass the Bike Test: and be a Great Rider Too!' A Great book for any biker - not just newbies. I bought eight other learner books, mostly DSA ones and Seans' is the most beneficial for real world riding.

At CBT Ltd they offer all bike training - whether it be CBT, DAS or advanced riding courses.

You are never rushed out onto the road until you and they are happy with your ability.

Learn counter steering round Gerards bend safely, emergency stops at real world speeds on the Kirkby straight. The paddock is huge for cone work and it's a relaxed atmosphere.

When the time comes to get out on the roads that is equally fun. The county roads and dual carriageways, even the towns around Kirkby Mallory are lovely.

There are other cheaper places but I can't comment on their training as they hadn't the same facilities as Mallory Park, so I didn't choose them. Mallory had everything I was looking for and more. Use of the race track is vital for confidence building without other vehicles to put you off.