France rejects EU 'super-MOT'

Published: 25 October 2012

Plans for a new Europe-wide ‘super MoT’ have been rejected in France, Sweden and Holland.

The Motorcycle Action Group is calling for the UK to do the same. It says the proposed EU annual roadworthiness test could be more rigorous than our current MoT and cost £50 for bikes instead of £29.

French parliament’s European Affairs Committee said including bikes would place an unfair burden on low-income riders and agreed unanimously to reject the EU regulation.

A MAG spokesman said: “The Swedish and Dutch parliaments have also rejected the EU proposals and several other European countries are poised to do the same. MAG UK is campaigning for the UK to reject the proposals as well.”

MAG has criticised the European Commission for backing-up the proposals using data from a vehicle inspection company which could benefit commercially.