Focused Events unveil 'uncrashable' BMW F800

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Trackday specialists Focused Events have unveiled a very special trackday instruction BMW F800, complete with outriggers!

The new 'Cornering Techniques System' bike will be used as part of their teaching program to help instill confidence while teaching bike position.

Speaking after the recent Donington event, James Whitham said “I’ve been involved in on-track instruction for fifteen years, and in my opinion a couple of new concepts being developed currently by Focused events will have benefits for most road riders, particularly ones new to track days or those who are nervous about going on track.

Firstly the use of DRZ125 mini off-road bikes fitted with good quality road rubber. You can get riders going round a small track laid out with cones in a car park etc. Because these bikes are small they very quickly give the riders confidence to chuck them around, and with instruction it’s far easier to explain and experiment with body position and cornering technique in this controlled environment. If they do make a mistake it’ll be at a far lower speed than it would be if made on a sportsbike. It’s loads of fun too!

Secondly the use of an F800 equipped with an outrigger system developed in-house at Focused. The idea is to teach riders the technique of ‘counter-steering’ without the danger of crashing through overloading the front tyre. I’ve had some time on this bike now and it seems to be almost un-crashable.

It takes a while to trust that you can force the bike from one side to the other by counter-steering the bars quickly without the front washing out. If it does the bike simply falls onto the outrigger wheel. A bit of throttle will easily bring the bike back up... this too is lots of fun... if a little weird at first!”

For £495 you get use of a BMW S1000RR (or £"(% using your own bike), use of the circuit, mini-bikes, converted F800, and a day's instructing from one of four former racers - Niall Mackenzie, Neil Hodgson, James Whitham or Steve Plater.

Available Dates
Tuesday 14th May Silverstone GP
Wednesday 5th June Silverstone GP
Thursday 20th June Donington GP
Thursday 25th July Donington GP
Tuesday 30th July Silverstone GP
Wed 14th August Silverstone GP
Monday 19th August Silverstone GP
Tuesday 27th August Donington GP
Thursday 12th September Silverstone GP
Tuesday 24th September Donington GP
Thursday 26th September Silverstone GP

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