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Dunlops strip off to help raise cancer awareness

Published: 20 February 2013

Road racing stars William and Michael Dunlop have teamed up with Northern Irish glamour model Laura Lacole to promote an event in Belfast to raise awareness of the dangers of testicular cancer.

The racing brothers stripped down to just their boots and helmets for a photoshoot to promote the Belfast Strut, a fancy dress sponsored walk to be held next month.

Laura Lacole said: "Northern Ireland has had zero deaths from testicular cancer for 3 years out of a 10 year period. These statistics are unique and incredible. The Belfast Strut event is to showcase to the rest of the world NI's achievements of Zero Deaths so other countries can lead by our example!"

"William and Michael have shown their support by stripping down to their boots with only their helmets covering their modesty to inspire their fans to sign up and get involved. When I asked them if they would get pictures taken in the nip there wasn't much hesitation as they said it's for a good cause!"

"The Belfast Strut itself, comprising of 100 giant testicles will make the visual impact we need to get the message across in a light-hearted and fun way. This event is putting NI on the world stage. We have 14 charities from around the world flying in for it, the world's leading Oncologist is giving the key note speech, and we'll also have VIPS and special guests."

The event will take place on the 16th March and those interested can sign up at