My son the criminal

An interesting situation is developing in our lives at the moment - I would welcome comment about it.

Last June, my 17-year-old son went to a local supermarket on his motorcycle to use the cash machine.

Whilst in the car park he was hit by a car, knocked off and injured. It turned out that the driver of the car was a family friend.

She got out, apologised to him, saying she didn’t see him, and offered to take him to hospital. He declined all offers of help and she drove off, leaving him to pick himself and the bike up, make repairs, go to the bank machine and then home with a bent bike and bloodied legs.

A few days later, he got a telephone call requesting his insurance details.

He refused to give them, not prepared to pay for any possible damages that weren't his fault. She reported it to the police and he declined to give them a statement. As far as he was concerned it was over and done with.

I got the bike repaired and his wounds healed. Some six months later he got a summons from the police, charging him with leaving the scene of an accident without exchanging details – the two knew each other. Also, driving without due care and attention – she hit him.

So we went to court. They kept us there from 9.30am until past 5. Taking the easy way, he pleaded guilty to all charges, thinking he would get a fine and be done with it all.

What he got was 5 points on his licence and a 3 month youth offender course to attend.

Yesterday we had a visit from a pair of court people probing him for details of his previous criminal activity, his temper, drug taking, etc.

My lad has never been in trouble before, he goes to church, he has a long term girlfriend whom he spends a lot of time with, he likes to be home, to cook, to walk with the dogs, etc.

He doesn’t drink, or smoke or take drugs, or hang around on street corners, etc. He is now a criminal and has to do 3 months reparation for his crimes.

Next we have to attend an interview with a youth offender panel.

When his bike insurance renewal comes up, that’ll be interesting.

The woman that caused all this must be feeling pleased with herself. An innocent visit to Sainsbury’s has certainly had an effect on my home loving and thoroughly decent son.

I am so grateful to the police for protecting the people of our town from criminals like my son and for making the streets of Colchester safe for us all.

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jess jephcott

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By jess jephcott