Chasing my motorcycle racing dream!

I work as a Technical Writer for an IT company in Sri Lanka. I'm a real harcore fan of motor racing, especially MotoGP, WSB and the TT.

I am really passionate about being a motorcycle racer one day, where I could continue it as a career. Unfortunately, in my country the support for such sport is lacking and the financial status I'm in right now is not really favourable for me to chase the dream of being a motorcycle racer.

I have managed to buy a Honda CBR250RR (1994, MC22) with my savings but I have no support or financials to at least modify the bike for track or to buy a racing suit to practice in.

My dream as a motorcycle rider and an enthusiast is to participate in an international motorcycle racing event one day, representing my country.

Yet again, I would love to watch the Isle of Man TT race live.

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Dushmantha Ranathunga

Reader's article

By Dushmantha Ranathunga