‘Grave concerns’ about graphic safety ad

Published: 02 July 2013

A leading riders’ group has said it has “grave concerns” about a graphic new safety ad. 
The cinema ad by Transport for London shows a motorcyclist lying on his back in the road.

While paramedics work to save him, he says to the camera: “I’m going into cardiac arrest now. Silly place to overtake, really. Still, you live and learn – don’t you?” It ends with the message: ‘Don’t ride too fast’.

The Motorcycle Action Group says over 50% of motorcycle casualties in London are caused by other road users, while the ad implies riders are to blame. The group says cyclists are responsible for a higher proportion of their collisions but are not portrayed as to blame in safety campaigns.

Dr Leon Mannings, MAG’s transport policy adviser, said: “We have expressed grave concerns about an imbalance in the way safety campaigns for motorcyclists are constructed compared to those for cyclists.”

The ad is part of a campaign which also includes posters telling drivers to ‘Think motorcycle when turning at junctions.’

A TfL spokesman said: “It’s an even-handed campaign, talking to motorcyclists and drivers about the issue.”

The ad will be shown in cinemas in London for the next six weeks. The poster will appear in petrol stations.

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