Stunt champion Lee Bowers gets sponsorship from Kawasaki

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Current UK and Ireland motorcycle stunt champion, Lee Bowers, is to be officially supported by Kawasaki.

Bowers is now talking of reaching the ‘next level’ of his professional endeavour as he has mastered the largest range of stunts out of any riders currently competing in the UK.

“I’ve dedicated myself 100% to the lifestyle. I don’t drink or smoke and train every day trying to perfect new tricks and make the routine the best it can possible be. I need as much seat time as possible and work the bikes real hard.” Says Bowers, “From my personal experience, the Ninja ZX-6R and KX range of off-road bikes are the best out there for performance and reliability.

We’ve not let anyone down at a show so far and I don’t intend to in future. The sponsorship from Kawasaki is mega and the exposure that it will create is just what I need to push me to the next level in terms of skill and professionalism.”

Mark Spiller, Kawasaki’s marketing and brand development manager said, “We first encountered Lee at a dealer event and were immediately impressed with his crowd pleasing ability and dedicated approach. The decision to sponsor someone who is obviously so skilful and enthusiastic was easy to take.”

Hannah Rundle

By Hannah Rundle