Four out of five bikes unlocked

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Fewer than one-in-five owners of new bikes use any physical theft deterrent such as a chain, according to a survey in London. As machines got older, higher proportions were found to be secured with a chain or disc lock. Forty-five per cent of all bike owners in the survey used some such measure. The average age of their bikes was 4.6 years.

Researchers say the trend may be down to owners of unsecured bikes falling victim to theft. 

In the sample surveyed, an estimated £126,000-worth of machines under three years old were unprotected.

Scooter owners were more lax than motorcyclists, with 62% of all surveyed using no physical security device.

Kevin Howells, MD of Datatag, which conducted the survey, said: “These are very worrying findings and show a lack understanding by bikers to the risks of theft.  To give thieves such an easy ride is asking for trouble and we urge all bikers not only to mark their machines using Datatag’s unique layered security marking system but also to ensure the theft of machines is as physically difficult as possible.”

To gather further data on theft and attitudes to security, Datatag is asking all bikers to complete their short survey, which will help them promote better awareness and understanding. You can complete the survey at, and all completed surveys will be in with a chance of winning £250 worth of Infinity Motorcycles Vouchers.

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell