Staff blog: I've got to stay up - someone on the internet doesn't like the Burgman

Published: 21 June 2013

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Every time I write a blog on the Burgman, I seem to become embroiled in debate with critics of the scooter.


I don’t know why I feel the need to convince others to like it. It reminds me of that joke about internet arguments, where a wife asks her husband if he’s coming to bed and he says: “No. Someone on the internet is wrong.”


Except in my case it’s: “No. Someone on the internet doesn’t like the Burgman.”


This time I’m breaking the pattern by starting with one of my own criticisms of the Burgman 650 ABS Executive: the electric screen forces you to choose between windblast on your head or hands. When fully extended, it leaves the gap shown in the picture, directly in front of the bars. Surely this could have been easily remedied at the design stage?


On a more confusing note, Bridgestone says a Battlax rear tyre for the Burgman is £108, not the £184 quoted by a Suzuki dealer, which I mentioned in an earlier blog.


Suzuki has clarified that £184 is the price it charges for a Burgman rear tyre but dealers would normally order one more cheaply elsewhere. On this occasion, the tyre was supplied by Suzuki because the scooter is one of its press fleet. So when I asked the dealer how much it would cost, were I paying, he gave me Suzuki’s price.


A Suzuki spokesman said the firm was ‘looking to achieve better pricing for dealers, in case they struggle to source certain tyres elsewhere’. Discuss.



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