True bulldog spirit

Published: 27 June 2013

On a recent biking trip to Portugal, as we were heading towards the coastal city of Figueira Do Foz, one of my friends unfortunately came off his bike.

The bike was still rideable and although he said he was in pain with his shoulder and ribs, he said he would carry on to the hotel.

Despite resting for a day in Figueira he was still in a lot of pain, and insisted he would go to A&E when he returned to the UK. We travelled back to Santander via the Douro Hills and the Picos Mountains in Northern Spain.

Back in the UK he was taken to A&E and diagnosed with three broken ribs, a broken collarbone, partial collapse of one lung and a broken toe. I am sure the thought of being in a hospital overseas and his family not there, pushed him beyond the pain barrier of most people.

I know the next trip I go on I will not be moaning about any aches and pains; I think my friend has that true British Bulldog spirit.