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Bandit Bits

Published: 26 March 2013

Just thought you would like to see what I have done with an old written off Suzuki Bandit 1200s down here in Australia.

Without guys in the UK I would never had made it. When I needed parts for the bike I had to rely on the lads who had bits and pieces in UK to post them to me.

I have spent six months rebuilding it with the help of another donor bike (on the trailer). It's really a bit of an international bike too, as I bought the bikini fairing from Italy, the scoop from France, the front mudguard came from Germany, the fancy coloured bits from Japan, and the bars from USA.

Here in Oz you can buy what they call a repairable write-off bike. It means it has to be repaired completely to the manufacturers standards. It also means presenting it to the road authirities for inspection ($497) a time, plus re-registration at $695!!

Usually takes anything up to three tries. I gave up when I almost had it ready and heard the cost. But over a beer or three with some mates I bought a second bike that was registered from a guy in northern NSW.

I took off one evening at 9.30pm from Melbourne with a trailer and got to the bike at 10am the next day, loaded it and back home by 5am the next day.

I swapped out all the good parts from my bike onto the donor and three days later presented it for its roadworthiness certificate, it passed with flying colours. Quick trip to the local authority to change the NSW reg over to Victoria Registration and I now have a crotch rocket to boot.

It goes absolutely brliiantly. So for those in the UK that trusted me, the businesses that looked for parts for me a big thank you.