Bikers arrested over motorway marriage blockade

Published: 13 March 2013

Four men, including the groom-to-be have been arrested following a marriage proposal in which hundreds of bikers blocked a Californian motorway.

The groom and three friends were all arrested for the ‘investigation of misdemeanour public nuisance’ and ‘participating in an unlawful assembly’. The 24-year-old groom, Hector Martinez of Covina, California was also arrested for investigation of ‘exhibition of speed’.

As many as 250 motorcycles stopped on the motorway on Janaury 27 so Martinez could propose to his girlfriend; a move that stopped motorway traffic for two minutes and was captured on video and spread around the internet.

“They made a spectacle of it,” said Sgt. Kurt Stormes of the California Highway Patrol. “It’s a slap in the face of law enforcement, in general.”

Stormes said investigators were able to find the men through social media as they had ‘bragged about it a lot’ Stormes said of the four men arrested.

Martinez’s bride-to-be accepted the proposal but she is not facing any charges.