Hodgson vs Walker…again

Published: 13 March 2013

The bitter feud between British Superbike racers Neil Hodgson and Chris Walker in 2000 remains one of the closest-ever racing battles and they will be revealing all for the first time on stage in April.

Hodgson and Walker will be joined on stage by ex-racer and Eurosport commentator James Whitham at the Hilton Hotel, Dartford Bridge on April 5.

Hodgson and Walker spent the duraction of the 2000 season in a war both on and off the track as they fought to win the BSB title with it all going down to the final race of the year when Hodgson took his Ducati 996 to the title after Walker’s Suzuki GSX-R750 suffered a blown engine.

Hodgson said: "Unfortunately as a racer you always have that desire to win and if that means telling the truth about just what did go on back in 2000 I will have no other option than to do so on the night, if Chris wants to open up old wounds."

"Neil has always been seen as the pretty boy of racing," Walker commented "but I think it gets right up his nose that even to this day I am still seen as the fans' favourite and people's champion. Lady luck was on his side back then, but having waited so long for the opportunity to settle the score I can already taste revenge."

You can book now by visiting www.hodgsonvswalker.co.uk or by calling 0845 643 6756. Tickets cost £29.95 each.

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