Less than 30 left: Yamaha FZR400RR

Published: 15 March 2013

There are just 24 Yamaha FZR400RRs still registered on the UK roads in 2012 but it’s a fair bet to assume there are a whole load more than this still being put to high-rev use on racetracks and trackdays around the country.

The Yamaha FZR400 was always over-shadowed by the class-leading Hondas, both the CBR and V4 NC30 and NC35s, and, on track, was a little behind Kawasaki’s ZXR400 for sheer speed.

However, the rev-happy Yamaha FZR400RR attracted the hooligans by the bucket load, drawn to the high-revving engine, sharp handling and high corner speed. And, as it was also always considerably cheaper than the competition, it meant that many ended up on track as race bikes or fun track day machines.

The pint-sized FZR400RR had an even more highly specced brother in the form of the SP version (there are just 17 of these left in the UK) but the combination of the 14,000rpm rev limiter and claimed 64bhp made it very useable.

Next stop: Classic or crusher?
The 400cc race replicas were a bike of the moment in the late 1980s and early 1990s and hold a special place in the hearts of many because they were the first sportsbike for lots of people. The FZR400RR is almost certain to be a classic.