Simon Warburton on the Triumph Tiger Sport 1050

Published: 15 March 2013

Simon Warburton, Triumph’s Product Manager

“Even though the Tiger 1050 is the oldest bike in our range now, there are still people buying it, albeit not anywhere near the numbers it sold before, so we thought there’s still space for it. It is a little bit of a gamble and we could’ve discontinued it, but we thought they’d still be people looking for an all-rounder without the off-road connotations.

“The Tiger Sport is for people who are after an all-round bike they can use for work, holiday, take the missus out, or just go out for a ride to enjoy. You can ride in a sportier manner than you can on our other Tigers – I guess the Tiger Sport is for people caught between a Speed Triple and an Explorer.

“The Tiger is here to stay for the foreseeable future. This has been quite a big update, with a lot of time, effort and money updating it to this level – it’s not something we’d do just to see a bike out for a couple of years – colours or graphics would do that.

“The project started five years ago and stopped due to a lack of resources and started back up again three and a half years ago.

“People struggle to see what category the bike is in, but that shouldn’t stop them from riding and enjoying it. People don’t always obey particular categories and I think this type of bike will satisfy a lot of people.

“Some will say where’s the traction control, or ride-by-wire? In the fullness of time all bikes will have these things, but it wouldn’t make the Tiger Sport a better bike to ride and it would make it more expensive.”

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