Less than 30 left: Ducati 888

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The Ducati 888 was always a desirable bike but according to DfT statistics there are just 13 licenced for use in the UK or on a SORN.

The Ducati 888 was the result of evolving the 851 superbike in the fiercely competitive World Superbike series but it took a couple of years after the racing machines went up to 888cc before the road bikes followed suit.

Road riders finally got to share the glory in 1992, with the introduction of the “basic” 888 Strada, effectively  an 851 fitted with the bigger engine from the SP3, while the 1992 888SP4 and 1993’s 888SP5 – another pair of homologation specials – filled the top end of the range.  The final evolution, the 888SP5, is one of the most desirable bikes ever built, and with a claimed 120bhp, its performance is still pretty impressive today.

A classic. Values are rising and judging by the low numbers of bikes either licenced to be on the road or tucked away with a valid SORN document owners are already hiding them away for safe keeping.

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