No plans for IOM national speed limit

Published: 17 May 2013

The Manx government has said there are no plans for a national speed limit after a coroner accused it of “putting innocent lives at unacceptable risk”.

Coroner of Inquests John Needham said the government had a duty “to protect all people sometimes from risks that they wish to impose upon themselves”.

He was speaking at the inquest of a motorcyclist who crashed into a stationary lorry after reaching 100mph.

Needham said: “The facts of this case are sufficiently stark such that I am duty bound to raise the issue that a lack of a national speed limit appears to be a policy of Government which is putting innocent lives at unacceptable risk.”

Outside towns and villages, many of the island’s roads are unrestricted.

Infrastructure Minister David Cretney said he did not believe safety would be improved by imposing a limit on all roads.

He said: “My department regularly and systematically reviews road safety and implements measures which are targeted, practicable and evidence-based.“

He said statistics showed driver error was to blame for 70% of collisions.