Brammo announce smart-phone, route-planning deal

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US-based, electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo has announced that they’ll be giving a copy of the RealRider smart-phone application away to every person who purchases a bike from them when they’re released in April/May this year.

The RealRider application is marketed as a ‘life saving, route recording, benefit-filled smart phone app’ and includes route-logging and sharing capabilities alongside ‘crash detection’ which utilises the motion sensors of modern phones to detect for violent/sudden movements and can even contact emergency contacts on your behalf.

The feature of greater interest to Brammo riders though is likely to be the ability to identify and plan their battery-powered rides through the RealRider route-planner, which will highlight all of the electric charging stations in the UK; a potential deal-breaker for those who are concerned about ‘range anxiety’.


Brammo is distributed in the UK via Going Green Ltd ( and Darvill Distribution Ltd. Brammo prices start at £8334 for the Enertia Plus, with the Empluse at £13,298 and the Empulse R at £15,299.

The RealRider application is available independently from

Steve Hunt

By Steve Hunt