Freeride the E-Scape with KTM

Published: 04 December 2014

The UK’s first dedicated electric motorbike riding facility is now open, and stocked with KTM's excellent new Freeride-E.

An official partner of KTM UK, E-SCAPE is a bespoke facility for electric bikes and offers tuition and test ride opportunities for riders of all abilities on KTM’s Freeride E, which is available in E-SX (for closed course riding) and the E-XC (which can be registered for riding on public roads) versions. 

These two models are aimed at a vast array of riders including those wishing to ride in urban areas, complete beginners to motorcycling and is also capable of satisfying the more seasoned off-roader.

E-SCAPE brings together a unique mix of technology, style and off-road fun in an easily accessible location. The aim of the facility is to introduce off-road riding to those who are completely new to the sport and provide high quality riding tuition so that riders get the most enjoyment out of these next-generation off-road bikes.

Get more information, or book now, with E-SCAPE.

If you're not sure how much fun an electric off-roader will be, just take a look at this onboard footage, and what trials stunt supremo Danny MacAskill can do on one. 

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