60mph M1 limit proposed

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A proposed 60mph limit over 32-miles of the M1 motorway to cut air pollution could see the lower limit enforced for ‘several years’ if enacted.

The Highways Agency has just launched a new consultation  which would see a 60mph limit imposed from 7am to 7pm over 32-miles stretching from junction 28 near Matlock in Derbyshire to 35a at Rotherham in South Yorkshire.

New European Union air pollution rules come into force this year with the Highways Agency arguing the lower 60mph motorway limit may be the only way of meeting those targets through such a built-up area.

The report states: “For the purposes of this consultation, it should be assumed that the speed limit will need to be in place for several years. However, we are not able to give an indication in this document of how many years the speed limit will need to be retained.”

It is expected that vehicle emissions will reduce as more new, cleaner vehicles come into use and older, more polluting vehicles become obsolete.”

The agency said the plans are open to possible change and could limit the implementation of lower speed limits to just peak hours and perhaps only Monday to Friday when traffic is heaviest.

The consultation will close on 3 March.

Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter