James May's Honda collection at MCN London Show

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He may be better known for his four-wheel exploits on Top Gear, or championing childhood toys of the past in his current series Toy Stories, but James May's true passion is for two wheels, especially classic Hondas.

And on February 14-16 at the Carole Nash MCN London Motorcycle Show you¹ll be able to see why.

May will be teaming up with Honda restorer and spares supremo David Silver and the pair will be selecting 12  favourites from their combined collections and displaying them exclusively at next month's show.

Focusing on Hondas from the 60s and 70s, the collection ranges from the CS71, an ultra-rare, high-level exhaust version of the C71 to May's CB400 Four which was fully restored for him by Silver in 2012.

The blue and silver CB250K0 that was prominent in May's TV show Man Lab will also be on display.

All 12 showcase what many consider to be a golden era of Japanese motorcycling with innovative engineering and watch-like build qualities.

Bikes that for a long time were considered as 'disposable', are now finding new fans. It¹s testament to May's motorcycling knowledge that he's chosen early Hondas rather than the ubiquitous machines celebrities usually favour.

The classic Hondas on display
1960 CS71, 1964 CYB92 Benly 1964 CYB77, 1963 C92, 1969 CB250K0, 1976 CB550F2, 1975 CB400F, 1970 CB750K0, 1970 SS125, 1967 C100, 1970 PS50, 1975

Buy tickets and find more info here: www.mcnmotorcycleshow.com

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