Norton Academy gets Government backing

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Norton owner Stuart Garner has been promised Government backing for a new British Motorcycle Manufacture Academy (BMMA) after asking Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne for help on Twitter.

Garner, who bought Norton from American hands in 2009 and has been working to bring the brand back to former glory aims to make the BMMA a way of improving the supply and manufacturing future of Britain after his first-hand experience of struggling to find suppliers.

Garner told MCN: “The help from the Government came about after I saw a tweet George Osborne sent out saying a load of money had been given for green engine technology under development by Ford. I explained on a Tweet we were a small, British company who needed some help and his office got in touch. We are getting together for a meeting at the factory soon. We think the BMMA is a great way of getting young kids trained and ready to help get the British motorcycle industry back on its feet. We have already got some applications in.

“This is paid work for young kids wanting to learn how a motorcycle company works while they train to do the same thing.”

A Norton statement about the BMMA reads: “The BMMA bring a unique opportunity to young people in the UK to enter the British motorcycle manufacturing industry.

“The BMMA will give apprentices the opportunity to contribute to the success of a 100-year-old British motorcycle brand and learn a range of new skills. Norton Motorcycles are looking to create a sustainable future that will support their long term growth plans for the brand and the British motorcycle manufacturing industry as a whole.

“The BMMA will deliver intermediate apprenticeships via a modulated accelerated learning approach. Apprentices will be taught and encouraged within the Norton factory to learn all aspects of the British motorcycle manufacturing industry.”

The BMMA is starting a six week recruiting phase with full time apprenticeships starting early September 2014. For full details and application check out:

Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter