Brands Hatch gatecrasher gets 8 months in jail

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The 22 year old driver who broke past marshals to drive onto Brands Hatch circuit during a car race back in June has been sentenced to eight months in jail for the trespassing, after being charged with a public nuisance charge.

Jack Cottle sneaked through the tunnel into the paddock ‘island’ at the Kent circuit in his girlfriend’s car. He was then able to make his way through an empty garage into pitlane, before blasting past marshals and joining the Volkswagon beetle race that was underway at the time.

Judge Martin Joy told the Cottle that he endangered many lives after taking premeditated and inexcusable actions.

"With your girlfriend in the front passenger seat and your other friend in the back filming, you drove your girlfriend's car on to the track. You drove a full circuit and I have seen the films with sound commentary showing your girlfriend was hysterical and screaming and begging you to stop, and also protesting it was her car."

Circuit owner and chief executive of MSV, who also run the MCE British Superbike championship, said after the 8 month snetance was handed down that Cottle had endangered everyone from racers to circuit staff and marshals.

"His idiotic and selfish behaviour - aggravated by his unrepentant attitude in subsequent media coverage - received much immediate condemnation. His conviction and prison sentence will serve to reinforce the message that this kind of antisocial behaviour is not only stupid, but will lead to prosecution."


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Simon Patterson

By Simon Patterson

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