Wheelie bad idea

This rider thought he was having a good day tearing around the streets of Central London, popping little wheelies. Right up until the point when he hoisted a clearly deliberate mono in a 20mph zone, only to have his self-gratification cut short by a pair of police officers on massive horses.

Despite spouting some comically weak horse-doodah about ‘it just coming up, officer’, and only doing 22mph, the mounted law enforcer still let him off with a jolly good tirade of disappointment, while voicing an active dislike of old flannels, and a YouTube clip likely to net the cheeky rider a healthy bit of online praise and disgust in fairly equal measure.

It’s unclear as to why the officer didn’t confiscate the camera and use it against the rider as proof of his naughtiness, instead telling him that he could use the footage to “show your friends the big telling off you got from the policeman on the horse.” He went on to tell the rider that a traffic officer would “bag the camera and use it as evidence, and you’d be losing your licence.”

Maybe his horse was late for its nosebag.