MCN's bike meet week is go

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I’m undertaking a mega mission for MCN – going to seven beautiful British bike meets in seven days. The mission started last night at Squires in Yorkshire and goes on until next Tuesday night on Poole Quay.

From the classic city rocker vibe of the Ace café to the windswept Jamaica Inn down in Bodmin Moor, MCN want to experience the places you love, the burgers you scoff and the brilliant biking people that come together to make it all happen.

Even cutting the list down to England alone (don’t worry Wales and Scotland, your time will come!) the list of meets is huge, but to get some variety in location and character the itinerary is as follows:

Wednesday, August 19: Squires Café, Sherburn-in-Elmet, North Yorkshire

Thursday, August 20: The Vic Bikers’ Pub, Coalville, Leicestershire

Friday, August 21: Whitwell and Reepham Station, Norfolk

Saturday, August 22: Loomies Café, West Meon, Hampshire

Sunday, August 23: Ace Café, London

Monday, August 24: Jamaica Inn, Bolventor, Cornwall

Tuesday, August 25: Poole Quay, Dorset

Come and support your local bike meet, or just have a ride out to come and join in! You might see your face (or bike, whichever you think is prettiest) up on the web or even in print when the feature comes out in September. Check MCN’s Facebook or Twitter pages to follow where I am and what bike I’m riding that day. I look like the picture here (give or take the smirk and massive helmet hair) so come and say hi!

Charlie Lester

By Charlie Lester