Ariel reveal ‘base’ model Ace

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Reborn British firm Ariel also bought a new basic version of their Ace roadster to show what the most affordable of the bikes available looks like when no options are added.

Previously Ariel have been building the much higher specification Sport and Cruiser models with the Honda VFR1200 engine and swingarm but featuring an Ariel frame and more expensive parts from the options list, such as Öhlins suspension and girder fork suspension system.

This new basic model features standard Honda front suspension, wheels, brakes, swingarm and electrics, and doesn’t have fairing panels. The Ariel frame, cut from two huge pieces of aluminium, is then fitted with the engine and a simple front light. This most ‘affordable’ bike from Ariel costs £23,997.

Ariel owner Simon Saunders told MCN: “We’re trying to show either end of what you can do with an Ace from a stripped back minimal bike onwards.”

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Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter