In pictures: How we'll ride in the future – according to the past

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It'll be fast, that's for sure. And violent. And with the reality being Kawasaki's new H2, who's to say they got it that wrong?

1. Coming through!

2. Outruns everything but a fart

3. Fears nothing except a slight push from the side

4. Still working on the friendly fire problem

5. 'Nightmare in a bubble car'

6. Racing bubble bikes yes. Tarmac roads? What are you crazy?

7. 300mph toolbox

8. Oi, Dyson, about that Ball-barrow

9. Stows one giant Pringle easily

10. Enemy-distraction suicide bike

11. 'I'm an uphill tobogganist'

12. Curious-fish-perplexer

13. Town bridges gone wild

14. Because those guys are hilarious!

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