Mind Wandering? Escape the office with Nick Sanders

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In what has become one of the hottest week's on record here in the UK, the MCN office has been awash with people bemoaning being stuck at their desks and wishing that they were out on the open road instead.

Some of us have been lucky enough to go out and put some miles under their belts on new metal, but some of us are sat behind a keyboard and screen, making sure that the newspaper gets published and the website gets updated. That hasn't stopped us dreaming of being off on our bikes though and a lot of time has been spent living vicariously through Nick Sanders' updates from his latest trip across the entire vertical of North America, from Keywest through to Deadhorse.

Here's a video of him - around 4000 miles down - half way through the journey. He's complaining that it's cold at 10 degrees C. 

From the perspective of an office with little air conditioning and the sweltering heat of the UK at the moment, a temperature of 10 degrees, sat on a bike riding through some of the world's greatest landscapes looks pretty fantastic to us.

If you're interested in the rest of his updates, you can view them from his YouTube channel.

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Steve Hunt

By Steve Hunt