18 bike gifs that say it better than you ever could

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Do you find the demands on your emotional range a bit much in today’s modern touchy-feely world? Do you sometimes struggle for the words to express what you’re feeling? Give up!

here’s simply no point in talking or typing when motorcycling has such a huge palette of expressive emotional material to draw on. So to help stop you stretching for those hard-to-reach appropriate reactions to life, here’s an ammo belt of authentic computerised emotional fodder.

So what ARE you feeling? 

“Out of my depth”


Dorna / via youtube.com

Oh God yes”

Dorna / via youtube.com

On second thoughts”

Channel 4 / via youtube.com

Work on the project continues apace”

Duke / via youtube.com

“You’ve pulled”

Openfilm / via youtube.com

Things are not going as well as they might”

via youtube.com

You have fallen somewhat in my esteem”

Eurosport via youtube.com

Hi and goodbye”

Dorna via youtube.com

You had one job”

Duke via youtube.com

And I was like…”

Fuelcoupe via youtube.com

The hell you just say?”

Thames Television via youtube.com


Thames Television via youtube.com

My work here is done”

And another thing”

Eurosport via youtube.com

Totally meant to do that”

I’ve made a huge mistake”

Worldofmotorcycles via youtube.com

I have achieved the thing that I set out to achieve”

Sheene Legacy via youtube.com

• Thanks for the inspiration, Niklas Ajo!

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