Picture story: Led Zep and the l'il Suzies

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You might have seen this shot of Led Zeppelin aboard some Suzukis and wondered what the story was. What hell was about to be raised or was in the process of being escaped from? Well, not much.

It was taken in February 1972 (between Led Zep IV and Houses of the Holy) in a place called Frenchs Forest, Sydney, 'stralia.

It was a publicity jolly, organised by Yan Torv, the brother of local radio station (2WS) DJ Hans Torv.

It was a couple of years later that the real Zeppelin-motorcycle notoriety kicked in, with John Bonham reportedly riding Harleys down the hallways and through the lobbies of several hotels.

Bonus pics of Robert Plant with dog Strider on another motorcycle and some John-Bonham-on-a-chopper shots to make up for a fairly dull story.

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