The Buyer: ‘There’s no rebellion in a factory custom’

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Neil Murray makes a living buying & selling pre-loved metal – and he’s on your side 

et’s cruise. Yeah, I know: there’s something faintly embarrassing about Japanese factory customs, or ‘cruisers’ as they’re apparently known these days. They seem to be either Harley rip-offs, in which case why not buy the real thing, or… well, or ever so slightly mimsy. People seem to buy them because they think there’s a whiff of rebellion about them (there isn’t), or because they make decent tourers (some do), because they’ve got low seats (a plus if you’re short in the leg), or because one’s back can no longer cope with the missionary position on a sportsbike (another valid reason).

Because of their particular appeal, they make remarkably sane used buys. The generally low-powered (and thus understressed) engines mean they last a long time, too. Plus they tend to be bought by mature riders. And some are quite economical.

Honda’s Shadow series seems to be the most popular. I’ve seen sub-10,000-mile bikes (under two years old, as well) go for around four grand, which is real value. Good chrome is the sign of a caring owner.

Words: Neil Murray

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