Brackley Festival of Motorcycling donates £31k to charity

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Record crowds at this years Brackley Festival of Motorcycling have resulted in a record pay out to local charities of £31,000

A superb list of attractions and fine weather resulted in a record attendance of over 20,000 visitors to this year’s event held on August 16.

Two main charities received a £27,050 split - £22,050 to the Warks & Northants Air Ambulance and £5000 to The Bike Experience. A further £4500 was paid out to six other local charities. This is the seventh year the non-profit, volunteer-run event has taken place in Brackley and the above donations take the total funs distributed to charity during this period to more than £90,000.

The organisers and charities offer their heartfelt thanks to all involved, the Sponsors, the owners of the fabulous machines at the festival, the VMCC (Vintage Motor Cycle Club) and the ACU (Auto Cycle Union) and last but not least, the wonderful people of Brackley, who hand over their Town Centre to motorcycles for one weekend in August each year. 

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