Brain-cooling helmet takes a step forward

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A team of investors – including former-Managing Director of Silverstone, Richard Phillips – have today launched Halo Active Technologies, a company dedicated to innovative safety products which will be spearheaded by the launch of their first product – the CTEC-1 active motorcycle helmet, due to arrive in 2016.

The CTEC-1 features globally-patented Halo Endothermic technology, which applies a cooling pack directly to the rider's head in the event of an accident, providing instant first-aid and potentially preventing brain injury. A GPS-based locator system connects the wearer with the emergency services and, if incapacitated, will direct first responders to the exact location. 

The helmet will be supplied with Halo's Helmet Ionizer – a helmet sanitisation and drying dock that offers riders a time and labour-saving way to maintain their motorcycle helmets and prolong the usable life of their helmet.

Halo Endothermic will initially debut in a motorcycle-focused product, but the firm believes it has applications in the wider areas of motorsport, military, emergency services, aeronautics and any other endeavours involving protective headwear. 

With the product development stages complete and mass production imminent, Halo Active Technologies have been backed by a range of industry experts and investors to help in the final stages of bringing the product to market worldwide. 

Jullian Preston-Powers, Chief Innovation Officer and inventor, said: “The CTEC-1 is the product of over six years of design, testing, refinement and assessment. Its safety test results speak for themselves and it is ready to be put into mass production. As a motorcyclist, this is something I am very excited to be able to offer the world.”

No release date – beyond it being sometime in 2016 – or price have been announced for the CTEC-1.

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