Classic or Crusher: Gilera CX125

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The incredibly futuristic CX125 was never a huge seller. The enveloping bodywork hid largely conventional technology (the single front fork was essentially telescopic so had no performance advantage over its rivals), was more expensive and also slower than the race rep Gilera Crono 125 that was offered alongside it.

f the DfT figures are correct, there’s just a single CX125 on the nation’s roads (if you spot it, send us a picture – we’ll get a goodie bag out to you). With one further example on a SORN, this could well be the rarest of Italiana known to these shores. And all for a 125 learner bike…

But don’t be fooled by the low-capacity moniker, the Gilera CX125, although not a thoroughbred Italian superbike, is notable for two things: its surprisingly rapid top-end and its plain surprising single-sided front suspension.

Above the 8000rpm mark, what previously feels like a fairly easy-going two-stroke 125 goes a bit bonkers, in a good way. There’s a real rush to be had, and true 100mph+ performance. It handles reasonably well, too, especially considering that front end… Both the front and rear are single-sided, the wheels are covered in, the bodywork futuristic and in-keeping with the early-90s love of Manga cartoons.

It’s an oddity all right, but one to be treasured. To send the remaining road-worthy CX to the crusher would be tantamount to heresy.

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