Classic or crusher? Honda Rune

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This jaw-dropping motorcycle of 2004/5 was never officially brought into the UK, but that hasn’t stopped 16 lucky UK riders getting their hands on one through specialist import companies, ten of which are still on the road according to the DVLA.

ased around the T2 concept vehicle that Honda unveiled at the 2000 Tokyo Motorcycle Show, the Rune was an American-only model that was designed to capture headlines and change people’s perception of Honda as being a bit ‘dull’. The Rune more than achieved this task!

Using a 1832cc six-cylinder engine from a Gold Wing, Honda added a bit more poke then stuck it in a chassis with some remarkable sporting heritage. The rear shock design on the Rune is the same Unit Pro-Link that was being used on the RC211V MotoGP bike and CBR600RR, although neither sportsbike had trailing link forks…

Tipping the scales at a whopping 348kg, the Rune is 13kg heavier than the Wing yet carries its weight well with its aluminium diamond-shaped frame delivering a remarkably composed ride. But the Rune isn’t about going fast, it’s about looking good and there is no denying this behemoth is a head tuner – which was its sole reason for existing in the first place and unfortunately led to its premature death in 2005 when it had achieved this goal.

Classic or crusher? Your call

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