Alta Motors open factory in US for electric motorcycles

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Alta Motors have opened a factory in the US that will see the firm specifically produce its own electric motorcycles in house.

The company is currently producing two of its own motorcycles. The Redshift MX, which produces 40bhp with 36ft-lbs of torque and has a two-hour range, and the road-legal Redshift SM, which again has 40bhp and 36ft-lbs of torque and boast a 50-mile range between charges.


For electric motorcycles, they’re also pretty light too in comparison to some others currently on the market, with the MX tipping the scales at just 114kg and the SM at a mere 122kg. They retail at US$14,995 (£11,500) and $15,495 (£11,900) respectively. 

Alta Motors CEO and co-founder Marc Fenigstein commented, “After four years of hardcore technology development, and two years of commercialisation, it’s hard to understate the significance of this bike rolling off the line—and the tech contained within it— to hit market.

“This is pound for pound the most powerful motor and longest range and highest capacity battery ever put into a vehicle, by far, and that tech can create electric vehicles in whole segments of the market that can go head to head with the best gasoline options on performance, in ways that were never possible before.

“Riders across the planet are about to have a whole lot more options for getting their thrills, and we’re really excited to be the ones creating those opportunities.”

Though currently for sale only in the US, Alta aim to be selling the Redshift internationally within the next three years.

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