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Mountains are earth's giants. They're behemoths, slowly pushing their way through the clouds over millions of years to scratch at heaven's belly. The ancient rocks offer us the highest ground we can stand on. But they don't give up their prize easily.

The roads are treacherous, hair-pinned and protected by shields of harsh weather. But that just makes them even more addictive. Straddling a combustion engine through their winding passes, braving the terrain and battling our way to the peak turns us into conquerors. Europe's mountains have been beaten many times; strapped down and tamed with well-laid and ridden tarmac.


But there is one road which towers above others, still untamed and wild - the Khardung La pass. The highest rideable road in the world. And it belongs to the Himalayas, home to the highest peaks on our planet. MCN headed to India to have a crack at the legendary mountains.

These amazing roads were ridden during our first ride of the new Royal Enfield Himalayan, Enfield's new adventure bike, powered by a 411cc single-cylinder engine producing 24.5bhp. 

The bike doesn't conform to Euro4 emissions standards, so it can't be imported and sold in the UK but is currently on sale in India for the equivalent of £1750.

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Andy Davidson

By Andy Davidson

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