Why your battered old helmet could be worth £140


Riders have one weekend left to claim 20% off a new crash helmet by trading in their old one at Hertfordshire dealer Bike Stop.

Bike Stop’s scheme offers customers a 4% discount on a new helmet for every year they have owned their current one, up to a maximum of five years. Helmets that have been in use for five or more years receive the 20% discount.


The scheme continues until next Monday, August 15, and it only applies to customers who purchase from the store in Stevenage, Herts.

The most expensive lid on sale at Bike Stop is a £700 AGV Corsa in Rossi paint. 20% off would mean a £140 discount.

The idea came after a survey by insurance firm Carole Nash showed that 41% of riders are using helmets that are over five years old.

Advice on a helmet’s useful life varies by manufacturer, but many suggest riders should replace them every five years.

Bike Stop’s Martin Brown told MCN: “I get a lot of people who are in denial. They know in their hearts that they should be replacing their helmet, but it always takes a little bit of persuasion.”

Bike Stop’s scheme has been running since July 8 and so far 56 helmets have been traded in. Staff have cut the straps off each helmet to ensure they can never be used again.

Martin and the team are now looking for people who can find a creative use for the traded-in helmets.

For more information about the scheme visit www.bikestop.co.uk



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