8 perfect gifts for the classic motorcyclist

We all know someone who enjoys retro and classic bikes. Preferring the passé style from rose-tinted memories of flared trousers, glam rock, shoulder pads, grunge bands and the waif look over modern bling or contemporary flairs. 

Or, in other words, they like their older motorbikes. 

They enjoy being more uncomfortable on less-reliable bikes while living in fear of fuel consumption - even if they are cooler than the rest of us by doing so. However, there are a number of things you can buy for the classic-bike enthusiast, from security devices to clothing in which to make their life easier - and perhaps secure you a shot of their cool historical ride…

For looking the part

When taking off with a classic bike, you need to look the part. You wouldn’t ask Dennis Hopper to wear a shell suit would you? Or Peter Fonda to wear sub par quality gear?  Time to go all Trinny and Susanna…

For a stylish jacket - how about the RST Roadster jacket? 


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Jeans are the way forward

For matching jeans, we would recommend the Bull-it Covec SR6.


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And as for boots...

How about the Daytona Classic Old Timer?


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Accompany with a helmet

The Box JX-2 Classic would complete the package nicely.

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For daily use

Besides the usual dealings with wind noise, older bikes can make a racket when revved hard. Besides using them while riding, if you wanted to keep your children safe from tinnitus when kicking around the garage - these Pinlock ear plugs are perfect! And, unlike Niki Minaj, these are also silicon free. 


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Keep your garage leak free

Older bikes can spring leaks in places you never even knew about. If your garage is clean and tidy - and you would like to keep it that way - this garage mat could be the perfect purchase for catching those staining oil drips. It’s even decorated with American bike stuff, so when the weather is cold you can pretend to be somewhere else.


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For security

Recent surveys show that nearly 70% of bikes parked in motorcycle bays had no visible signs of secondary security fitted to them. While modern bikes have steering locks and the like, not all classic bikes do. However, there are plenty of things you can purchase in order to keep that classic bike safe. 

Firstly, you can buy a Motorcycle disc lock - starting from £9.99. 

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You can also set up a ground anchor. Not even Edward ChainsawHands could get through one of these. Judi Dench’s cold, cold stare on the other hand… 


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