EU Referendum: What the manufacturers say

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With the EU Referendum on June 23 quickly approaching it's time to decide which way you're going to vote. We spoke to a couple of manufacturers to get their take on how it may affect them if Britain were to leave the European Union.

Does the potential exit of Britain from Europe concern you at all?

Stefan Pierer, CEO, KTM AG: "Afterwards you are more clever, but I don’t think Great Britain steps out, it’s very important to have Great Britain in because it is pushing central Europe in the right direction, because we are too much socialist, too much centralised, so Great Britain is a great help for the European Union. For us the UK is a very important market, it is number three or number four, and still with a big potential – we are convinced we can grow." (Interviewed 01/06/16)


How much would Brexit affect Triumph?

Nick Bloor, CEO, Triumph Motorcycles: "It’s very hard to predict. We are a global business, we’ve got sales and distribution businesses in lots of different countries, and have manufacturing in different places. We’ll just have to adapt to whatever decision everyone votes for. It’s very difficult to say one way or the other what the implications are for Triumph." (Interviewed 10/06/16)

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