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Better late than never eh? If you're still trying to nail the last few questions in our quiz published in our Christmas bumper print edition we can finally put you out of your misery. The correct answers are in bold.

Round one: BIKES

1. Which of these 2015 motorcycles is claimed to produce exactly 100bhp?
A. Honda VFR800F
B. Indian Scout
C. Suzuki GSX1250FA
D. Triumph Street Triple

2. Which of these iconic Italian motorcycles did Massimo Tamburini NOT design?
A. Ducati Monster
B. Ducati 916
C. MV Agusta F4
D. Ducati Paso

3. Which of these cars and bikes was produced first?
A. Ford Thunderbird
B. Triumph Thunderbird
C. Pontiac Bonneville
D. Triumph Bonneville

4. I’m a 175bhp V4 with sophisticated electronics and Brembo Monobloc calipers. What’s the name on my tank?
A. Ducati
B. Aprilia
C. Honda
D. Yamaha

5. Which of the following is NOT a genuine Harley-Davidson model name?
A. Bad Boy
B. Bad Bones
C. Night Train
D. Fat Bob

6. We all know Princes William and Harry are into bikes, but their grandma, Queen Elizabeth II, was also famously pictured riding a motorcycle during WW2 when, as Princess Elizabeth, she joined the ATS and worked as a mechanic. But what make of bike was she pictured riding?
B. Triumph
C. Norton
D. Royal Enfield

7. Yamaha’s R1 has only won the world superbike championship once. Who was the rider?
A. James Toseland
B. Cal Crutchlow
C. Ben Spies
D. Colin Edwards

8. The forthcoming Lotus C-01 superbike uses which manufacturer’s engine
B. Honda
C. Ducati
D. Aprilia

9. Honda’s forthcoming, new, revived Africa Twin adventure bike is powered by a 998cc parallel twin. But what was the engine configuration of the original 1980s production model?
A. 742cc V-twin
B. 996cc V-twin
C. 647cc V-twin
D. 742cc parallel twin

10. Triumph are rumoured to be building a new 800cc Daytona sports bike, to join the current 675. But which of these capacities has NEVER been used by an official Triumph Daytona?
A. 900
B. 1000
C. 1050
D. 650

Round two: INDUSTRY

11. Which British motorcycle manufacturer was visited by Chancellor George Osbourne and featured on BBC news at the end of July?
A. Norton
B. Ariel
C. Triumph
D. Metisse

12. Which historic British motorcycle brand was once based in Redditch?
A. Royal Enfield
B. Matchless
C. Vincent
D. Brough Superior

13. Which of the following famous trials bike manufacturers is NOT Spanish
B. Montesa
C. Bultaco
D. Beta

14. We all remember Jon and Ponch in TV’s CHiPs, but which brand of motorcycle does the California Highway Patrol chiefly use today?
B. Harley-Davidson
C. Kawasaki
D. Moto Guzzi

15. Which of these Japanese manufacturers has never built a production V4
A. Yamaha
B. Suzuki
C. Honda
D. Kawasaki

16. Defunct German marque DKW was the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer in the 1920s and ‘30s. They came up with the simple two-stroke single that became the BSA Bantam (and others) and now is part of the VW group. But what did DKW stand for?
A. Dampft-Kraft-Wagen
B. Deutsche-Kraft-Werke
C. Das-Kleine-Wunder
D. Deutsche-Kraft-Wagen

17. Which of the Japanese Big Four manufacturers also currently manufacturers (manned) helicopters?
A. Honda
B. Yamaha
C. Suzuki
D. Kawasaki

18. These famous British bike brands are all currently being revived – but which is the only one to be actually assembled in Britain?
A. Brough Superior
B. Matchless
C. Ariel
D. Francis Barnett

19. We all know that, of the Japanese Big Four, Honda began building motorcycles first in 1949 – but it’s not necessarily the oldest company. Which is, being founded to do something entirely different in 1897?
A. Yamaha
B. Suzuki
C. Kawasaki
D. Honda 

20. Which of the following manufacturers currently does NOT produce a three-wheeled machine?
A. Yamaha
B. Harley-Davidson
C. Polaris
D. Aprilia

Round three: MCN

21. Which of these bikes has won MCN’s Machine of the Year award the most times?
A. Norton Commando
B. Kawasaki Z1
C. Triumph Bonneville
D. Yamaha RD350LC

22. Which of following (minor) celebs has been an MCN babe?
A. Chantelle Houghton
B. Katie Price
C. Sophie Reade
D. Jo Guest

23. Who founded MCN?
A. Cyrill Quantrill
B. Robin Miller
C. Lord Emap
D. Terry Snelling

24. This MCN logo is from which period?

A. 1974-1979
B. 1968-1973
C. 1979-1987
D. 1987-2000

25. What year did 1970s/80s MCN rival Motor Cycle Weekly close?
A. 1983
B. 1985
C. 1979
D. 1981

26. Who was the very first MCN Man of the Year?
A. Geoff Duke
B. Mike Hailwood
C. John Surtees
D. Dave Bickers


27. Which of the following bikes has NOT starred in Tom Cruise’s series of Mission: Impossible movies?
A. BMW S1000RR
B. Triumph Speed Triple
C. Triumph Scrambler
D. Ducati Hypermotard

28. Husqvarnas are now built in which country?
A. Austria
B. Germany
C. Italy
D. Sweden

29. Which is the nearest city to Circuit Paul Ricard, to which the historic Bol d’Or 24-hr race returns this year?
A. Toulouse
B. Tours
C. Toulon
D. Avignon

30. What’s the first name of Lord March, owner of the Goodwood Estate where the Festival of Speed takes place?
A. Henry
B. George
C. James
D. Charles

31. Which of these has NOT been a home to Norton motorcycles?
A. Oregon, USA
B. Shenstone, Lichfield
C. Woolwich, London
D. Meriden, Coventry

32.  Which historic British motorcycle brand had its factory in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, just up the road from the well known dealer Padgetts?
A. Douglas
B. Panther
C. Sunbeam
D. Velocette

33. Renowned South African motorcycle designer Pierre Terblanche has NOT worked for which of the following manufacturers?
A. Confederate
B. Bimota
C. Norton
D. Piaggio

34. Motorcycle adventurer Charley Boorman is famously the son of film director John Boorman. But which of these classic movies did his dad direct
A. Death Wish
B. Deliverance
C. Death on the Nile
D. Deep Impact


35. When did Silverstone first host the British Motorcycle GP?
A. 1973
B. 1976
C. 1977
D. 1978

36. Which was the first four-stroke machine of the modern era to win the world motocross championship?
A. Husqvarna
B. Husaberg
D. Yamaha

37. What year was the first Goodwood Festival of Speed held?
A. 1993
B. 1994
C. 1995
D. 1996

38. A 675R Daytona ridden by Gary Johnson in the 2014 Supersport race famously gave Triumph its first TT win since Bruce Anstey won aboard a Valmoto Daytona 600. But in which year?
A. 2004
B. 2003
C. 2005
D. 2002

39. Jeremy McWilliams famously set the last MotoGP two-stroke pole position aboard the Proton triple in 2002, but at which track?
A. Sachsensring
B. Phillip Island
C. Donington Park
D. Magny Cours

40. John Bloor’s first all-new, Hinckley-built Triumphs were first displayed at the Cologne Show in what year?
A. 1988
B. 1989
C. 1990
D. 1991

41. Ride-by-wire is now the norm, especially for performance machines. But which was the first mass-produced bike with the system?
A. 2006 Yamaha R6
B. 2010 BMW S1000RR
C. 2005 Yamaha R1
D. 2004 Kawasaki ZX-10R

42. We all know John McGuinness was the first TT rider to record a lap of the Mountain circuit in excess of 130mph. But who was the first to do one in excess of 125mph?
A. Jim Moodie
B. David Jefferies
C. Ian Lougher
D. John McGuinness

43. In what year was Honda’s revolutionary CB750 unveiled at the Tokyo Show?
A. 1967
B. 1968
C. 1969
D. 1970

44. We’ve all heard of Evel Knievel, but who holds the current world record for the longest motorcycle jump?
A. Ryan Capes
B. Robbie Maddison
C. Travis Pastrana
D. Seth Enslow

Round six: SPORT

45. Jonathan Rea won 14 races in 2015, which two racers have won more in a single season?
A. Carl Fogarty and Ben Spies
B. Colin Edwards and Troy Bayliss
C. Doug Polen and Carlos Checa
D. Fred Merkel and Neil Hodgson

46. How many times was there an all British podium in 2015 WSB?
A. 8
B. 10
C. 12
D. 14

47. Which rider won a race at the first and last rounds of the 2015 season?
A. Jonathan Rea
B. Leon Haslam
C. Chaz Davies
D. Tom Sykes

48. Which rider won the 2015 Dakar?
A. Sam Sunderland
B. Cyril Despres
C. Marc Coma
D. Joan Barreda

49. In 2015 Tai Woffinden became the first Englishman in 52 years to win two world individual speedway championships. Who was the last to achieve the feat?
A. Peter Collins
B. Peter Moore
C. Peter Craven
D. Peter Carr

50. At the 2015 Polish speedway Grand Prix, all 16 riders paid tribute to fellow racer Darcy Ward, who suffered serious spinal injuries this year. What did they do?
A. A pre-race track walk carrying 'No.43' banners
B. All wear replicas of Ward's racing suit
C. Perform Ward's favourite karaoke song to the crowd
D. Agree to leave the top spot of the podium clear for Ward 

51. Who has been a BSB Showdown rider most frequently since its introduction?
A. Josh Brookes
B. Michael Laverty
C. Shane Byrne
D. James Ellison

52. Who was the only rider to not crash during the entire BSB season?
A. Josh Brookes
B. Josh Waters
C. Aaron Zanotti
D. Michael Laverty

53. Which Aussie legend did Josh Brookes pay tribute to with a special helmet for testing and the opening round of the season?
A. Troy Bayliss
B. Anthony Gobert
C. Garry McCoy
D. Casey Stoner

54. Who is the most successful ever North West 200 rider?
A. Joey Dunlop
B. Michael Rutter
C. Alastair Seeley
D. Robert Dunlop

55. What is John McGuinness’ new TT absolute lap record?
A. 132.701mph
B. 132.298mph
C. 131.926mph
D. 133.203mph

56. Who is the most successful TT rider never to have won a TT race?
A. Guy Martin
B. Jason Griffiths
C. William Dunlop
D. Conor Cummins

57. Where did Michael Dunlop crash out of the 2015 Superbike TT?
A. Gutheries Dip
B. Ramsey Hairpin
C. The Nook
D. Ballacraine

58. Who has the most podiums in TT history?
A. Joey Dunlop
B. Bruce Anstey
C. Ian Lougher
D. John McGuinness

59. The San Marino Grand Prix marked the first time two British riders stood on a premier class rostrum since…
A. Silverstone 1978
B. Assen 1976
C. Suzuka 1989
D. Donington 2000

60. What was Danny Kent’s average margin of victory for his six race wins?
A. 4.451s
B. 1.254s
C. 0.853s
D. 3.475s 

61. Kent became Britain’s first Grand Prix champion since…
A. Barry Sheene
B. Carl Fogarty
C. Mike Hailwood
D. Cal Crutchlow

62. Which race weekend had the most crashes of the 2015 season?
A. Silverstone
B. Le Mans
C. Assen
D. Mugello

63. Valentino Rossi claimed his 200th career podium at which 2015 Grand Prix?
A. Qatar
B. Jerez
C. Le Mans
D. Misano

64. What was the 2015 Aprilia MotoGP bike called?
C. GP15
D. RS Cube 

65. How many podiums did British riders have in all Grand Prix classes in 2015?
A. 12
B. 18
C. 22
D. 8 

66. Since entering MotoGP in 2002 how many races have been won with Bridgestone tyres?
A. 118
B. 159
C. 188
D. 147

67. Who took the most pole positions in MotoGP this year?
A. Valentino Rossi
B. Jorge Lorenzo
C. Marc Marquez
D. Dani Pedrosa

68. The most recent British winner of the Moto3 or 125cc class at the British GP is Scott Redding in 2008. Who was the last one to do so before him?
A. Ian McConnachie
B. Alex Bedford
C. Robin Milton
D. Robin Appleyard

69. Which of the following Brits has NOT been speedway world champion?
A. Gary Havelock
B. Peter Collins
C. Simon Wigg
D. Michael Lee

70. How many outdoor world trials championships did Dougie Lampkin win?
A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8

71. What year did Shakey Byrne win his first BSB title?
A. 2002
B. 2003
C. 2004
D. 2005

72. Who of the following has NEVER been BSB champ?
A. Alex Lowes
B. Tommy Hill
C. Leon Haslam
D. Leon Camier 

73. What machine/rider is the current motorcycle outright world land speed record holder?
A. Top Oil-Ack Attack Streamliner/Rocky Robinson
B. Bub Seven Streamliner/Chris Carr
C. Ruxton Harley-Davidson/Dave Campos
D. Castrol Triumph Rocket/Jason Di Salvo

74. Who was Britain’s most recent motocross world champion, across all classes?
A. Tommy Searle
B. Kurt Nicoll
C. Jamie Dobb
D. Dave Thorpe

75. We all know Honda has won the most solo road race GP world titles, with Yamaha second. But who’s fourth on the list?
A. Suzuki
B. Aprilia
C. Kawasaki
D. Norton 

76. After Carl Fogarty, which Brit has won the most WSB races?
A. Jonathan Rea
B. Tom Sykes
C. James Toseland
D. Neil Hodgson


77.  Who is this?

Scott Russell, 1993 WSB champion

78. Name the circuit and year

Philip Island, 2000 (it’s Carl Fogarty, WSB)

79. Name all five riders in the front row

Left to right John Kocinski, Kevin Schwantz, Wayne Rainey, Christian Sarron, Eddie Lawson (at the 1989 Belgian 500GP)

80. Who, (both of them), where and when?

Jorge Lorenzo crashing while passing James Ellison at the 2012 Valencia MotoGP

81. Who holds the lap record at this circuit?

Barry Sheene, who lapped Spa Francorchamps at 137.1mph at the 1977 Belgian GP

82. What motorcycle is this? (Bonus: name the year and rider)

Kawasaki KR250 (Ridden by then 250 world champion Kork Ballington, at Assen in 1979)

Hope you did as well as you'd hoped! Only 296 days until Christmas!

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