5 ways to keep your bike secure over the festive period

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Road salt is just around the corner – so many of us will be storing our machines until the better weather returns. But what’s the best way to protect your machne from crooks while it’s laid up?

We know about ways to store your bike to make sure it comes out of hibernation as fresh as a daisy, but what about security? Just because your bike isn’t getting used much doesn’t mean that it isn’t a target to potential thieves. Here are five products that will help your bike secure while it’s stored this winter…


1. Chain

A sturdy chain and padlock is not only a visual deterrent but will also help keep your pride and joy secure. Generally speaking, aim for a Thatcham approved number as they are tested to a certain standard. This won’t stop thieves but it will certainly make stealing your bike more difficult. If possible try to keep the chain off the ground and combine it with the use of a ground anchor or chain it to something solid for maximum effectiveness.

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2. Ground Anchor

A ground anchor will keep your bike in one place and stop thieves simply lifting it into the back of a van. If the adjacent wall is solid then mounting to a wall will help keep a chain off the ground and maximise its effectiveness.

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3. Cover

Keeping your bike under a cover or in a non-conspicuous corner of your shed or garage will make it less obvious to thieves that it’s there, especially if your garage has a window. It obviously isn’t going to keep your bike getting nicked, but keeping it from getting noticed will definitely help.

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4. Disc lock

A cheap way to provide basic security that will stop thieves simply wheeling your bike out of your garage. It may not be the most effective security but it is a deterrent and it does help.

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5. Garage/Shed alarm

Thieves will struggle to swipe your bike at night without you noticing if the garage has an alarm. 

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James Archibald

By James Archibald

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