How to crash and go faster

The world’s leading professional nutcases, daredevils and racing heroes reveal their expert knowledge on the most ridiculous biking feats you can imagine...

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Racer Bradley Smith takes us through how to crash and go faster. Don’t try this at home!

Bradley says: “It’s not easy to go faster after a big crash, unless you’ve got confidence in the bike or know why you crashed. It’s very hard to go back out and go faster if you don’t know why you went down. For me, a lot of it is understanding why I crashed in the first place.


“If I know I was too hard on the throttle, or if I went too deep on the brakes, I tell myself that it was my warning and not to do the same thing next time. A lot of practice also helps, and I’ve had my fair share of crashing so it becomes the norm.

“You still have to go out and go faster– that’s just part of the job. It’s in the job description to go fast. That’s when you mentally block it by closing your eyes and thinking ‘If I go down again, I go down again’.”


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Andy Davidson

By Andy Davidson

Former MCN Feature writer